Hurricane Imagery

Processed and unprocessed imagery available. 
Stills or Time Lapse Video

Research grade imagery ... Great for Science Projects, Grad Work, Archiving for the Kids , etc.

Imagine the possibilities ....

2005 - Katrina, Visible Band

High Quality Windows AVI Movie

Three Bands - Visible, Water Vapor, and Infra Red

A Historic Video Record for Your Archives !

Save it for the Grandkids. 

Let them re-live the Approach and Storm Track
of  the big ones of  2005, 2006, 2007, ... you get the picture

Archival Quality !

Katrina Clobbered New Orleans.  Ike Iced Texas.  Now you can watch these storms as they traverse from the Atlantic up through the Gulf, crashing into the US coastline.  Watch them  grow from tropical depression to Hurricane.  One Continuous Time Lapsed Movie of storm evolution.   Sharp, Crisp, Clear imagery is captured from geosynchronous satellites orbiting 23,500 miles up in space.  You can  clearly see the eye of the storms evolve.   You can even see the shadows that the Sun casts within the eye.

Imagery is provided in three different optical bands
        - Visible             (     520 -     720 nm)
        - Water Vapor   (   6470 -   7020 nm)
        - Infra Red         ( 10200 - 12500 nm)

Cool stuff, Why?  Because you see different features in the different bands.  The visible is crisp detail of clouds and even some ground data.  The IR is heat.  The Water Vapor absorption band really zeros in on the Hurricanes Moisture content.

Details of the AVI File Set:
    - Three Optical Bands
        - Visible             ( 520 - 720 nm)
        - Water Vapor   ( 6470 - 7020 nm)
        - Infra Red         ( 10200 - 12500 nm)
    - You get six files on a DVD, 2 for each Optical Band:
            1)  A compressed AVI file (Indeo 5.1), approx. 10 MB.
            2)  An uncompressed AVI File for clear Original Quality freeze frames, approx. 300 MB.
    - Each file has at least one week of satellite coverage in one continuous AVI movie file
    - Frames taken at half hour intervals (nominally)
    - Frames played back at 24 Frames per second
    - 720x480 frame size

Order your AVI File Set in Black & White or in False Color

Available Imagery

2005 Katrina *

* Katrina only available in Visible Band, and only 6 days coverage.

2005 Rita

2007 Dean

2008 Gustav

2008 Hanna

2008 Ike

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