About the Runtime Environment

for Fatpigdog Applications

Before you can run a Fatpigdog Application, you need to install the FREE
  Runtime Environment on your PC.   You only need to do this once.  After
that, you can download and run any of the Fatpigdog Applications on your PC.

Install Runtime Environment
***  NOTE: If you previously installed the Runtime Environment on your PC   ***
You don't need to do so again, Skip Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1 - Get the Runtime Installer:
There are two ways you can get this. 

a)     If you have a broadband Internet connection, Click Here.
Note that this is a 260 MB file.

b)  The other way to get the Runtime
Installer is to purchase one of
the Fatpigdog PC Applications ( like the Real Time FFT  Spectrum Analyzer ). 
If you chose the CD option, I will deliver a CD with
application software AND the Runtime Installer

Step 2 - Install the Runtime Environment:
You need to run the Runtime Installer program.  It will load the Runtime
Environment and also set up the required Windows Environment
Variables on your PC.

Install The Fatpigdog PC Application
Copy the Fatpigdog PC Application [application.exe] file into the folder where you wish to have it reside.

Run The Fatpigdog PC Application
- Run the [application.exe] file.  A DOS Shell window opens first.  This window
  must remain open for the application to run, but you can minimize it.  Since the
  Runtime Environment needs to initialize, it may take a while (30 seconds) for
application to start up after the DOS shell opens.
Be patient ... your PC is not dead.

- If any runtime errors occur, error messages should appear in the DOS shell
window ... so if things aren't going well, look there.   Please
share any runtime
 errors you see with me so I can eliminate any Pesky Bugs.

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