********************      System Requirements      ***************

Operating Systems:             Processors:                 Hard Disk:     RAM :
Windows XP Sk 2 or 3           Intel Pentium 4 and above   680 MB**      512 MB
Windows Server 2003 SP 2 or R2 Intel Celeron*                          
Windows Vista SP 1             Intel Xeon                              
Windows Server 2008            Intel Core
Windows 7                      AMD Athlon 64*
                               AMD Opteron
                               AMD Sempron*

* Processor must support SSE2 instruction set.

** Disk space requirement varies depending on size of partition. The Runtime installer
will inform you of the hard disk space requirement for your particular partition.
Installation size will be determined by the installer and can vary for NTFS and FAT

*** Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must run the program as Administrator.

16-, 24-, or 32-bit OpenGL capable graphics adapter