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The air is abuzz with ghostly spectres, sounds from the 4th dimension. But what's it all about.  Only the folks with the Fatpigdog's Office SpectreGraph know for sure.  The erie sounds are a new form of video image transmission that uses sound instead of radio waves.  If you have a PC with speakers and a microphone, you already have all of the necessary equipment. 

How it works

Office SpectreGraph Viewer is a Windows program that runs on your Friend's PC.  You have a SpectreTone file (a .wav file) and you play it through your speakers using any audio media player.  To all those around you, they hear an erie changing, swirling sound.  But your friends Office SpectreGraph Viewer window displays the image as it builds in a slow scan.  If you have your Office SpectreGraph Viewer running, your friend can send Office SpectreGraph images back to you as well.  So it's like a private instant Messager for images.  What are the images?  Well that's Totally up to you.  Best of all, the Office SpectreGraph Viewer and sample SpectreTones are downloadable here for Free.

Office SpectreGraph Viewer 

Office SpectraGraph Viewer is the software that runs on your PC, picks the SpectreTones out of the airways and displays them as SpectreGraphs.  Keep an Office SpectrGraph Viewer window open on yor desktop while you work.  Automatically picks up any SpectraTones beign sent out from your fellow workmates.  Is the SpectreTone a little too conspicous ???   Upgrade to UltraGrams - special made to go beyond the bosses hearing range.  Blast Ultragrmas around all day without The Man ever having a clue what's buzzing around overhead.

Free Download of Viewer

Sample SpectreTones

Download sample SpectreTones and give them a try ( Don't forget to download the Free SpectreGraph Viewer too).  Shoot these SpectreTones around to message your friends without sending anything through the corporate network ... or IT spies

Free Download og SpectreTones

Office SpectreGraph Recorder

Step up to your own personalized SpectreTones.  Make your own bitmap image (.bmp or  .jpg file).  Then use SpectraGraph Recorder to make your own custom SpectreTones.  If you want send us your .bmp or .jpg file to get 2 SpectreTones for FREE ... Hey, you have nothing to lose.  SpectreTones never expire and can be used over and over again.   What pictures are you just dying to send around the office ?? 

Upgrade to Office SpectreGraph Recorder  - ONLY $24.99 !

On the PayPal Check out page, make sure to include your Office SpectreGraph Viewer Installation ID (Click "About SpectreGraph" Menu item) so we can send you the activation code for Office SpectreGraph Recorder.

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